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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Mail Call

Under Freis's guidance, the computer dug through and did its best job finding important messages. It summarized, expanded, annotated and analyzed. It couldn't fill in all of the holes, but it did its best. In the end, they had a fair amount of useful intelligence to review at the senior staff meeting.

Sallus Octavius didn't leap out significantly in the databanks, although it was near where ONI anticipated the sixth-fleet's maneuvers. There were no reports of unrest or conflict. Admiral Subura, on the other hand, had a well documented career. He was, euphemistically, an internal trouble-shooter, with the emphasis on "shoot". Records showed that he had sterilized at least one planet on the border of Imperial space. The Navy valued him, the Army hated him- on more than one occasion, he had opened fire on enemy positions without consulting the ground forces- which were in the process of staging a ground assault. Unfortunately for them, he got results.

"I've also heard of him," Hiran said. "From what I've heard, the Starfleet report is needlessly kind to him. That border planet was a Romulan colony in Vodan space. They wanted to secede and join the Vodan."

"I've never heard of the Vodan," Dekospos said.

"As far as I know, they've been extinct for a decade."

Sekken was less well documented. A serviceable if undistinguished career, he had languished as a Centurion for twice as long as most officers. He had been in command of N'Vek for five years, and had been her XO for three years before that.

The messages were mostly apologies and notes to loved ones. Because the routing tables were heavily encrypted, it remained impossible to tell exactly where these messages were going. Nothing contained any hint as to the location or disposition of N'Vek. Nothing contradicted the narrative that seemed plausible, but very little corroborated it either. Based on Sekken's writing, and a few other notes from the senior staff, the "maneuvers" at Sallus Octavius were going to be a violent crackdown. Sekken and his crew were tired of fratricide and decided to flee.
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