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USS Magellan

Adventures Behind the Curtain

USS Magellan: Adventures Behind the Curtain
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This community is a Star Trek-based, LJ-run RPG. For the timeline purists, just assume sometime after Star Trek: Nemesis.


The original mission of the USS Magellan involved a small fleet of Federation vessels that joined up with a small fleet of Romulan vessels in a tentative truce. They passed through through Romulan space and out the other side, into the unexplored Beta Quadrant. Though an exploration/first contact mission, the diplomatic nature was treacherous, and soon, it was brought to a head.

A group of humans were discovered in the Beta Quadrant, descendants of the supermen of the Eugenics wars, who have some mysterious genetic tie to the Romulan Star Empire. They were already in contact with the Federation and the Empire, using sympathizers within both nations to covertly send them into a spiral of war and destruction, so that the Eugenic Empire could swoop in and conquer the remains.

They were thwarted by the crew of the Magellan, but in the process, Magellan was destroyed.

The New Mission

Diplomatic processes run slow, but within months, the crew of Magellan was reunited for a new mission. Both the Empire and the Federation are concerned about this new enemy, and the moderate forces in the Empire, agitated by Commander Hiran (the Romulan observer from the first mission), have reached an agreement. A new cultural exchange will occur, one in which a Federation ship takes on Romulan crew, and vice versa.

Obviously security is important, and the new Magellan-A has all variety of extra layers on the ship's systems to keep the Romulan crew out of sensitive areas, and her Romulan sister ship, Remus, has the same.

The crew of Magellan-A will resume the work of the previous mission, going out into the Beta Quadrant for a two-fold mission. First, they will continue exploring, and second, they will find more information about these mysterious enemies.

The Ship

The original USS Magellan was a customized, and defanged, Defiant class MK II. The new Magellan-A is a significantly larger Norway class, which is similar in scale to an Intrepid, and similar in crew complement. The crew is a mix of Federation and Romulan, split as evenly as possible, but in light of security restrictions, many jobs can only be filled by Starfleet crew.

There are two separate chains of command that both end in the Captain. Each department head is duplicated for each chain of command.

Basic Rules

Rule One: Don't be dumb.

Essentially, obey simming etiquette. Do not suddenly decide that a major plot point happens- no Borg assaults without talking to the maintainers. If you have a plot idea, bring it to the maintainers, and we'll see if we can't work it in. Do not godmode. You are a mere mortal, and remember that everything doesn't always work out the way you think it should.

Multiplaying is perfectly allowed. A single player, however, can only hold one department head position, and cannot have two characters in the same department (ignoring minor NPCs, which anyone can feel free to make use of). This is only true without special dispensation (we've allowed miusheri to ignore this because she does such a good job, and uh... well, her characters weren't ORIGINALLY department heads).

Finally, remember that the mission is one of exploration. Shooting things will rarely be the optimal solution to problems.

USS Magellan-A NCC-65221
Crew Manifest

Click the name of a crewman for his/her bio.

Commanding Officer: Captain Alexander Dekospos (male, human): t3knomanser
Executive Officer, Starfleet contingent: (vacant)
Executive Officer, Romulan contingent: Commander Hiran (male, Romulan): t3knomanser

Helm: Lieutenant JG Korduc (male, Rhaandarite): t3knomanser
Communications: Lieutenant Freis (female, human): t3knomanser
Tactical: (usually supplied by the Security department)
Science: (usually supplied by the Science department)

Starfleet Chief: Lieutenant Commander Mayat Fenn (male, Bolian): miusheri
Romulan Chief: Lieutenant Commander Feraan (female, Romulan): miusheri
Assistant Security: Lieutenant R'Nor (male, Romulan): miusheri
Assistant Security: Lieutenant Courtland Dallas McDowell (male, human): miusheri

Starfleet Chief: Lieutenant Sovalt (male, human): t3knomanser
Assistant Engineering: Lieutenant Riley Derning (female, human): miusheri

Starfleet Chief: Lieutenant Commander Nazeh Rahimi (female, human): miusheri
Romulan Chief: Lieutenant Commander Vydok (male, Romulan): miusheri
Assistant Science: Lieutenant Ilse Kyrin (female, human): t3knomanser
Assistant Science: Ensign Drorig (multi-gendered, Chrililth): t3knomanser

Romulan Chief: Lieutenant Commander Goren, MD/DMD/OD (male, Romulan): miusheri
Assistant MO: Lieutenant Phineas Webb, MD (male, human): miusheri
Assistant, miscellaneous: Yeoman Grem (male, Ferengi): miusheri


This is a creative writing project that all of us are pretty proud of. Perhaps we're clouded, but we all feel that there are some better characters, better stories, and better writing than has come out of Paramount Studios for a long time. To that end, we're making this available under a Creative Commons license. You can feel free to take our work and do whatever you'd like with it- steal characters, compile it into novel form, making a fan-movie or whatever, and the only requirement is that you give us attribution for what we have done with it. Same goes for Paramount. Hey guys, this would be the first ST show in over a decade that wouldn't SUCK.
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